Web Design Trends
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Web Design Trends

Web Design Trends

As technology changes, web design must adapt to the new ways people access, view, and interact with websites. From scrolling and swiping to clicking and tapping, the functionality of a website is expected to transition seamlessly across all of our devices. Web design is constantly evolving and at Autograph Media Group, being current with the latest web design and online marketing trends is our signature. The following trends have become popular throughout 2014 and are expected to lead the way of web design in 2015.

Responsive Web Design:
Ensure that your website adapts to the many devices and screen sizes available to your consumers. With a one-size-fits-all approach, a responsive website automatically reformats its content and images based on changes in browser size across different vehicles. This ensures that consumers can access your website from their laptop, tablet or smartphone and see a consistent web design without the hassle of constant resizing or the inconvenience of horizontal scrolling.

Flat User Interface:
This minimalist aesthetic approach to web design focuses on simple elements, flat color and unique typography. With the mobile user in mind, Flat UI addresses the need to load and resize design elements quickly and beautifully. Simple yet vibrant color schemes attract the user to the site while keeping the user’s focus on the information; carefully selected typography greatly impacts your site’s personality and readability. Marrying these two trending elements together can make your website more approachable and it’s contents easily navigable.

Implementing a Flat UI doesn’t mean you should let your website fall flat! To avoid becoming a featureless site, consider the following web design trends. Text-heavy sites lead to glazed-over eyes; try communicating with users through videos, icons or infographics in conjunction with text. Another eye-catching trend is the use of a large banner image at the top of a website known as a Hero Image. It typically features a captivating image that offers some insight into the company’s attributes and benefits. Images and videos can quickly capture and hold your audience’s attention while communicating your intended message.

With a responsive, flat, and visually engaging web design, your website can be perfectly navigable and beautifully displayed, therefore enabling the best user experience possible, regardless of the device it is accessed from. If you’re ready to create or update your website, increase your online marketing presence, and improve the quality of your users’ experience, give Autograph Media Group a call. We’d love to hear from you.

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