Website Maintenance and Security
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Website Maintenance & Security Plans

Whether you are an existing Autograph Media Group client or not, we’re happy to offer our Website Maintenance Plan to help you keep your site purring along. And it’s a good way to save money as well!

We have two types of maintenance plans. One is for general updates. The other is for security to keep your website software up to date and to keep hackers at bay. Take your pick or take both.


What constitutes a maintenance request?


  • Dotting your i’s, crossing your t’s, and other trivial matters
  • Database updates such as adding products to your store, events to your calendar, etc.
  • Updating copy
  • Adding photos
  • Training on how to use your site’s software
  • Software version updates

Note that the maintenance plan does not include SEO, SEM, or new site development, including new design, illustration, or software. Please contact us directly to inquire about these other options.

Why enroll in our maintenance plan?


  • Clients on the maintenance plan receive priority.
  • There is a substantial reduction in fees on the maintenance plan.


Things you should know and do when you need support

  • To better serve all our clients and to see that your request is processed in a timely manner, we give our clients a special email to send requests to that is flagged so it gets special attention. Please do not send emails to us directly to, otherwise your request may get overlooked or buried in the morass of spam we all receive each day. However, if you have a simple question that requires a simple immediate answer (not actual work), then, by all means, keep it easy and call us at 850-702-5599


  • Before you send in your request, to save on maintenance costs we recommend purchasing a maintenance plan below. This must be purchased in advance.


  • Updates are done in the order received and as time permits. While we do make every effort to get to requests the same day they are made, we make no guarantees that an update will be done immediately. Requests from clients on a maintenance plan are given priority unless other requests are of an urgent nature.


  • Please understand that all phone calls, emails, and walk-in or scheduled appointments will be billed when the intent is to receive help or instruction on your website.


  • We do not bill when you need to report bugs, outages, or errors on our part.



Website Security Plan


Website and plugin/extension updates

Any website is vulnerable and is a target for hackers. The developers of WordPress, Joomla, and Magento keep constant vigilance and regularly provide patches to keep your site locked down and hackers at bay. Whenever this happens it is important that you apply the patch, but it’s not so simple.


If you apply the patch before your website plugins have been updated, you could take your site down. So extreme care must be taken before you update. It requires waiting for your plugins to update, backing up your site, and then applying the updates one by one, all the while testing to be sure nothing is amiss. We do not recommend our clients do this themselves because the negative consequences can be horrific.


Security plugins or extensions

In addition to providing updates, with our security plan we also install and monitor security plugins to add extra security and peace of mind and help block hack attacks. We also will keep regular backups for you so that in the case of a hack, you will have a fresh backup to re-install.

It should be noted that nothing is foolproof. Hackers are constantly looking for new ways of entry, but our security plan will provide a good measure of safety.