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SEO to get you “UP” where you belong!

If you can’t be found online, you might as well close up shop.

You can have the most attractive website in Tallahassee, the best product in Houston, the most compelling web copy in Florida, the best prices on the web, or the best of anything anywhere in the world, but if you haven’t optimized your site for the search engines, then you might as well have built a store in the middle of the Sahara with no roads leading to your door.* And that’s because just about everyone these days is using a search engine to find you.


SEO has changed and if your SEO strategy or SEO company hasn’t, you could be in trouble.

Getting to the top of Google these days requires more than just an optimized website architecture, keyword-relevant copy, a fast-loading website, and other standard SEO requirements. Those are still important, but the internet has finally evolved to the point where we can send to Google what it’s wanted all along to rank web pages – i.e., votes of confidence from real, credible sources. That starts first with a strategy, followed by great content which leads into a content feeding frenzy around your site, which finally convinces Google you deserve to be on top.


Why is Autograph Media Group your best choice for SEO?


We go beyond the usual. Our results-driven SEO recipe is a secret. However, it does include…

    • Customer profiling to get you found for the keywords that matter most to you and your customers;
    • Optimized SEO meta tags that not only drive up rank, they drive in clicks;
    • Continued traffic analysis to make sure you’re not just getting traffic, getting the right traffic.;
    • Ongoing search engine optimization to keep you climbing, but more importantly, visitors converting.



Our SEO & Marketing expertise gets your customers on your site to stay.


  • We chase customers, not rank. We can get you to #1, but we put as much work into getting your web visitors to stick around and buy.
  • We can’t stand spammy, overly optimized web content that attempts to manipulate rank. It’s a turnoff to your customers, so we refuse to do it.
  • We make sure your website speaks to your audience with great messaging and convince them you’re their best option.


We feed the Google Gorilla with what it’s wanted all along – Fresh, Original, Optimized Content.

We’ve been doing SEO since before Google, and our experience shows!

We started doing SEO in our first office in Houston, Texas before Google set up roots. Back then fighting the way to the top was akin to stealing candy from a baby. With over 75+ combined years in internet marketing, we have the experience and skill that you need – and few others have.

We get you to the top of Google the right way – Organically.

We don’t use tricks to get your website to climb high in Google. Done deviously wrong, your site can get banned, so we avoid that at all costs.

We’ve always had great success doing it the right way and have landed our clients not only on page one in Google, but also number one for all their keywords – time and time again. And if you need Local SEO, we’re experts at that, too.

There are only 10 spots on that first page of Google. That does not scare us.


You need to be on page one, but that’s not good enough. You should be in the top five, better yet, in position one. But there may be millions battling you for a position. With only 10 spots on that first page, competition can make it tough. But that doesn’t scare us. We’ve gotten a variety of clients in Tallahassee, FL, Houston, TX, and other places throughout the United States on the first page for their most important keywords.

Our clients are often all over the first page of Google for very specific, as well as broad product and service queries


Your customers are trying to find you. Are you ready to get found?

Of course you’re ready, and we’re ready to put our SEO expertise to work on your behalf. But you’re probably wondering what it’s going to take to get your business out into the limelight. Request a quote below and we’ll answer that by first performing a FREE SEO site audit to see where you stand, because we can’t really quote without that. We don’t take on any clients we don’t feel we can help, but if we see a great future ahead for you, we’ll let you know!