Reclaim your Business Listings: The Yext Big Thing
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Reclaim your Business Listings: The Yext Big Thing

Reclaim your Business Listings: The Yext Big Thing

Ever come across a business listing for your company with an incorrect address, phone number, or website link? If you answered yes, there is good chance a potential customer has encountered this incorrect listing as well. This can cause confusion and ultimately drive away business. If you answered no, why not take a minute to scan your business by entering your name, company, and business phone number here to view your error rate in local listings. Autograph Media Group recommends using Yext to reclaim your listings! Yext uses PowerListings to syndicate your business information across a unique publisher network, so all of your content is “synced, enhanced, and updatable across every digital channel”.


Yext’s PowerListings

Yext can help you detect errors, suppress duplicate listings, and find unclaimed listings. You can enter your correct business information one time and it will be updated across Yext’s network instantly, with the exception of a few sites that may take a couple hours to update your new information. This is exceptionally faster than submitting the information by hand on each individual listing site and waiting multiple days or weeks for the site to publish your updated information for the public. Yext quickly boosts your local SEO, saving you energy and time that can be better spent on other company tasks.


Enhanced Business Listings

Use rich content to stand out in a crowd with Yext’s patented technology. You can list your products and services and even embed photos and videos. Link your social media profiles to increase traffic to all of your pages. Use a calendar to promote upcoming events and specials. Include menus, staff bios, and many more unique features to make your business shine.



Yext provides you a dashboard with access to analytics for each of your business listings. You can build customized reports with visual data, filtering metrics by location and time. You can find out how many times your business listings appear in search results, how many people view your profile, how popular your featured messages are and more. With Yext’s identification of the top terms customers are using in queries for your business, you can use these insights to hone your message.


With enhanced business listings that can be updated seamlessly across the network and analytics to give your company a competitive edge, Yext is a great marketing tool for any business. Why waste your time manually entering information into the numerous business listing sites online when you can use Yext to streamline the process. Sign up with Yext through Autograph Media Group and you can enjoy great savings that sweeten the deal!


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