Our History
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Our History

Let us first begin by saying welcome. That’s not something we say too often on the web because we’re told to use words that convert or that rank. But sometimes a simple, warm welcome is much more powerful in initiating conversations. So, again we welcome you.

Now here’s a little about James Davis, the big chief, so that you can more fully understand what Autograph Media Group can do for you.

Near the dawn of the Internet while working in corporate tech related firms as a technical specialist, I was first introduced to the “World Wide Web.” on a 2400 baud rate modem  I  recognized the potential of the new medium and quickly started learning HTML and playing with design software like Jasc Paint Shop Pro and Adobe Photoshop.   Initially, my first entry into the Internet began with the love for MMORPG’s “A Type of Computer Game”.   I built my first website as a place for my friends to converge and sell and trade items for both in game currency and out of game currency pioneering some of the first ecommerce solutions available. Dubbed Tradespot built in 1993.  It was the first Internet web portal for buying and selling currency and items from a MMORPG that I had ever seen, and it leveraged database integration which was new to the web at the time.   It was during this time that I developed skills in design and programming languages like Visual Basic, C++,  PHP, Javascript and PERL.  Then, through fielding tech support calls and complaints, I quickly learned the art and importance of user-friendly interface design.   It was fun and definitely rewarding, but another bug had bit. I was strongly attracted to web design and development because I saw how important it would be as a tool for business in the future.   After running multiple successful businesses and maintaining there presence on the internet I could no longer help myself and decided to form DCH Marketing Solutions with Partner Dennis St. Pierre Charles and started moving forward in a rapid growth pattern completing over 120 websites in only 26 months and had over 20% of our clients in the number 1 spot on Google typically within the first six months.   As the need arose to formalize and grow our brand we decided to merge the smaller companies and groups into a larger and more robust Autograph Media Group.   Having found my passion in Internet marketing I kept on developing skills in anything related to the field including SEO, conversion optimization, and social media marketing.   Now, years and literally hundreds of web projects later, I’ve made my career as a recognized Internet expert and innovator.

Autograph Media Group Today

Today we are a full-service Internet marketing company.  That’s not just an idle boast. Having done it all for so long, I can say without reservation that we specialize in it all – web design, ecommerce, SEO, market research, messaging and content development, PPC, social media marketing and more.   We leverage our expertise and deep roots in the industry by employing and contracting copy writers, programmers, designers, and marketing specialists as needed to meet our clients’ schedule and budget requirements.

Yes, You really do need it all.

Let me say that again because this is really what drives Autograph Media Group and allows us to consistently deliver excellent value to our clients. You really do need it all.   Often we encounter angry, frustrated or disappointed clients who have come to us after having  invested many thousands of dollars and months if not years of their time into a website that does not perform.  Usually, the site is not working for them because the message is wrong, or the usability fails, or it can’t be found in the search engines, or any number of other oversights and of course don’t forget those lovely “Friend Sites” That just never do get finished no matter how at odds it puts your friendship.   Commercial success on the Internet today demands an integrated and diligent approach to any web presence, not just a pretty website.  The technologies on the Internet are changing rapidly and we must continually absorb it all so we won’t let you down.   The sole marker of our success is your success and that is what drives Autograph Media Group. And we like to think our years of experience, training, passion and dedication makes us your best choice for success.  It certainly makes us different.

Now it’s your turn.

Please stop by our office at 810 Thomasville Road in Tallahassee Florida to say hi, or give us a call at 850-702-5599. We’d love to meet over coffee, a drink or a game of pool and talk about you and how we can help you achieve your goals and dreams.   You are always most welcome.