I Have Leads, Help me capture them.
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Don’t let those leads get away! So much is involved in having a successful web presence.

  • Content is King and it needs to set your product or service above the competition
  • Targeted web copy that addresses the needs of your web visitors
  • A professionally designed website that accurately represents the quality of the products or services your business has to offer
  • High visibility in the search engines
  • Social Media Marketing & Local Search

Gish-Getting-AwayThose landing on your site come in different phases of the buying cycle and are looking for answers to different questions:


  • Awareness phase – How can I fix/find/help?
  • Consideration phase – What do I need to consider?
  • Inquiry phase – What does this company offer?
  • Decision phase – Why should I purchase from this company?

Your website must address all these questions.



We combine all our skills in internet marketing, SEO, copywriting, conversion rate optimization, and graphic design and apply them to your website to help you capture your leads and turn them into paying customers.


A Few Lead Generation Strategies

  • Email marketing along with website integration
  • Lead capture forms on your website and in social media
  • Pay per click ads with targeted landing pages and lead capture forms
  • Targeted landing pages for SEO keyword campaigns
  • Live chat website integration
  • Set up and website integration with advanced lead capture and email marketing services like Infusionsoft
  • Set up in 3rd party, off-site lead generation services


 So what are you waiting for?

 See what it will take to get your website generating and capturing leads!