Engage your audience through Social Media
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Engage your audience through Social Media

Social media sites, such as Facebook, allow us to stay connected to the people and things we love. A Facebook business page can help prospective and current clients connect with your business. With its ability to reach millions of users with a personal feel, Autograph Media Group recommends creating and maintaining a Facebook business page for your company.

Create your Facebook Business Page
Creating a Facebook business page is easy and takes very little time. After logging in to your personal Facebook account, you can create and customize a business page. Complete your business profile by filling in important information including your company’s contact information, website address, business hours, company description, category of business, etc. When you reach 25 likes, you can even request a custom web address, like facebook.com/yourcompany, to add consistency across all of your social media and to make your business page even easier to find. Add a relevant profile picture and cover photo to give your page some personality; popular photo choices include a shot of your storefront, your product, or the company logo. Some even choose to maximize this real estate by overlaying their photo with contact information such as a phone number.

Plan and Post
Having a Facebook business page and asking others to “like” it is simply not enough. To utilize the full potential of your Facebook business page, you must keep it active. Facebook allows you to schedule posts in advance. We recommend taking some time on a single day to plan out a week’s worth (or a month’s worth if you are feeling particularly proactive!) of posts and schedule them accordingly. Be timely and share posts recognizing holidays, commemorative months, and other relevant topics. Just because your posts are scheduled, doesn’t mean you can neglect tending your page for a week or a month; monitoring for both positive and negative feedback as well as customer questions is key to maintaining your page and displaying good customer service (see article “Haters Gonna Rate: How to Handle Negative Reviews” for help on responding to feedback).

Engage your audience through Social Media
Ensure that your posts are captivating your audience by sharing interesting copy, images, and videos. Be personal and share exciting news about your company or your products and services. Facebook even let’s you create and share milestones on your page to mark important accomplishments. Engage customers by starting a conversation; this can be as simple as posting a photo and asking your audience to comment below or tag themselves as their favorite product shown. Encourage customers to frequent your page by sharing exclusive Facebook deals, discounts, and promotions. Contests can be a great way to encourage users to like, comment on, and share your page with their network of friends.Don’t get in the habit of always talking about yourself though! Share industry related news and photos to keep your page from simply becoming an ongoing ad for your company.

Creating and maintaining a facebook business page is a necessity for many businesses. Although it’s a simple process, it can also be time consuming. Autograph Media group would be happy to create a Facebook business page (or boost your current one) with customized graphics and timely relevant posts. We understand how to engage users and how to utilize paid posts to get the most out of facebook advertising. We can even analyze facebook insights and share progress reports on how your facebook business page is doing!

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