Web Design Prices
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Web Design Prices

Typical Costs for Optimized Web Design

One size does not fit all.

Your business is unique, so you need a website specifically tailored to your needs. You also need a custom quote.

The prices below will give you an idea of what you may get for a certain budget, but we recommend that you request a quote to get our recommended budget based on what you need to SUCCEED online. If you’ve read about how we approach web development and what sets us apart from the competition, then you’ll know that giving you a pretty website is not our top priority. Giving you a website that gets you found online and then converts your visitors into customers is, and we’ll make recommendations accordingly to assure your success.

Price shopping? How do you know you aren’t comparing apples to oranges?

A website, for most businesses, is the life blood of their business. So choose your web designer carefully, and if you’re price shopping, then at least do yourself a favor and understand what you’re getting for your money. Not all web designers are created equal, neither do they work the same. If you haven’t already, see how we are different by reading how we approach web design and what it means for your business. It’s much more than meets the eye – literally. 

Typical Costs for Optimized Websites
Final cost depends on number of keywords, your offers, your competition and your functionality needs.

Fresh Start

Starts at

Up to 5 pages

Business typically has
1 service offering

DIY Messaging framework

Responsive (mobile-friendly) customized theme

SEO-optimized site architecture

SEO-optimized home page

Copy editing

5 essential plugins – Contact form, social media, anti-spam, SEO, testimonials

Step Up

Starts at

Step up with marketing and SEO

Typically up to 15 pages

Assisted Messaging framework

Responsive (mobile-friendly) customized theme

Keyword research

SEO-optimized site architecture

All content optimized for the search engines

Copy editing

Additional functionality such as photo and video galleries and newsletter integration

Stand Out

Starts at

Lead-gen & conversion engine

Typically 10-25 pages

More template customization

Market research

Expanded keyword research for more products and services

Local SEO website framework for multiple locations

All content optimized for the search engines

Content optimized for your target market

Conversion optimization

Copy editing

Optional ecommerce

Rise Above

Starts at

The sky’s the limit

20+ pages

Completely custom template

Content development under the direction of marketing professionals

Database-driven lead-gen forms

Optimized landing pages

Custom applications

Advanced ecommerce platform

Additional functionality such as elearning, CRMs, and more

Custom photography and art

For businesses with many services and products