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Autograph Media Group websites are pretty, and we are proud of it.

But we are more proud of the fact that they are also…
  • Sophisticated lead generation, sales & marketing machines;
  • Fresh, interactive, engaging portals of valuable information;
  • Search Engine Optimized;
  • Beautiful representations of your brand to set you above the rest.



You need more than a pretty website if you want to see results.

When it comes to web design, “pretty is as pretty does” couldn’t be more true. You could have the prettiest site in town- Houston, TX, Philadelphia, PA, Tallahassee, FL, or any City you’re in- but if it doesn’t attract your target market and convert them into customers, well, that’s just not pretty. And, worse, you might have wasted a lot of money or time if you went after one of those GoDaddy or Wix Free Sites.

So if you’re trying to choose a website designer in your city and you’re basing your choice on the looks of their portfolio, STOP.



Stop Sign


It’s simple. If your website doesn’t give them what they want, they’ll leave (even if it is pretty).



Ever walk into a restaurant but then turn right around and walk out? Maybe it was the ambiance you didn’t like, or maybe you had to wait too long or couldn’t find anything on the menu you liked. Whatever the case, you walked right out the door and over to the restaurant across the street. Did you know your website could have the same effect on your visitor? If done wrong, it could be pushing your website visitors back out the door and over to your competitor!


We think you’d be happy if you chose Autograph Media Group as your Website Designer…

Web Design is not all we do at Autograph Media Group. We spend time doing competitive market research on your behalf wherever you and your competitors are. We go window shopping and visit the competitor across the street, so to speak. Then we go to work to make your website better, more useful, more informative, more memorable, and more profitable.


We create a memorable representation of your brand that stands above the rest.

Why is your brand better than the rest? That’s the question your website should answer at first glance when being viewed by your target customers.


We’re web designers and SEO experts in one.

“If we build it, THEY DO COME.” While that may be a bold statement it is the truth, and it is not necessarily true of most website designers.

When you hire Autograph Media Group as your web designer, you also get search engine optimization specialists working for you to make sure your customers can find you online. These days, web designers learn how to optimize a page and provide “optimized web design.” But few do SEO day after day and have the experience of seeing what really works and doesn’t work long after your website launch. That’s why you need more than just a web designer or social media expert. You also need a qualified SEO expert as well.

The websites we build are sophisticated lead generation and conversion engines.

We take the time to drill down on what your customers are thinking when making buying decisions, then incorporate and draw attention to the stories and key information points that will encourage them to buy today. We know how to move customers ‘down the funnel’ after qualifying them based on their key interests, and then convert them into paying customers in as few steps as possible. This is a capability most web design businesses don’t have and can only come from 70+ Years of Combined Marketing Experience.


We get your visitors to “behave.”

With our background in graphic design, we are experts in laying out copy so that your key messages are quickly seen – and understood – at a glance. Plus, we have extensive training in conversion rate optimization so we know how to quickly guide the eye to the most important elements on a page and then right to your call to action.


Our work keeps your visitors on your site and engaged.

“If You’re Reading This, We Just Proved our Point”

Cloud computing

All of our websites are mobile ready!



Mobile search is on the rise. That means more and more people are using their phones to find businesses and information. If your website is hard to use or read, there’s a good chance your website visitors will leave. And Google doesn’t look too kindly on it either.


It should be clear by now. You need more than just a pretty website




Your website is your most important piece of marketing collateral, so don’t leave it in the hands of just any web designer. Overall design, user interface design, conversion optimization, social media marketing, and search engine optimization – We build these into every website we create to deliver you more and get you the results you are after.


And now that you know what to look for, Give Us A Call!




At Autograph Media Group, we do more than create great looking websites. We create websites that make money. If yours isn’t, call Autograph Media Group at 850-702-5599 and get a free website audit to find out why.