Haters Gonna Rate: How to Handle Negative Reviews
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Haters Gonna Rate: How to Handle Negative Reviews

Unlike your website, where you have complete control over the messages you deliver, business reviews are out of your hands. When deciding between similar companies, potential clients will often read reviews to evaluate the quality of other customers’ past experiences. While positive reviews can make your business stand out above others, negative reviews can tarnish your company’s reputation if they are not taken care of properly. Autograph Media Group offers the following tips as guidance for responding to negative reviews and in turn boosting your customer service reputation:


One Does Not Simply Ignore a Negative Review

When your business receives a negative review, it is important that you read it and take action. An unaddressed negative review can convey two messages to potential clients: your silence pleads guilty or you simply don’t care about your customers’ concerns. Although your immediate reaction may be to take offense and avoid the rating all together, there could be some value in the client’s feedback that may even encourage you to make some changes. Responding positively can turn a negative review into an opportunity to show your business’s dedication to customer satisfaction.


If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say, Don’t Say Anything- Just Yet

It is important to address negative reviews quickly; this timely engagement demonstrates great customer service. That being said, it is even more important to avoid rash decisions and regretful responses. Disregard hostile remarks and learn to not take things personally; just brush it off with the motto, haters gonna rate. Overlook the petty talk and find the real source of the complaint so that you can work towards a solution. Avoid name-calling, accusations, and other overreactions by taking time to calm down and carefully construct a polite, appropriate response.


Keep Calm and Don’t Auto-Respond

Now that you have taken a step back from the situation and cooled down, it’s time to reply to that negative review. Avoid autoresponders and generic complaint responses that show no knowledge of what the customer actually wrote. Make your reply personal by addressing the problem directly and offering a meaningful solution. Strengthen your claim with an invitation for the customer to come back and see those changes made on the house. Apologize, keep it friendly, and leave your contact information to show that you are available and willing to listen to your customers.

Simply put, haters gonna rate; while you can’t just ignore these negative reviews, you must learn to stay level-headed to avoid an emotional overreaction. After reading and analyzing the negative review, address the complaint personally, propose a solution that directly corresponds to the problem, ask for a second chance, and leave your contact information. Even if the customer has written off your business, other potential clients reading your reviews will recognize your great customer service and appreciate the efforts made to remedy a dissatisfied customer.


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